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San Mateo Boot Camp 2/17/12- Tough Mudder Training Challenge III

Feb 21, 2012 No Comments by

San Mateo Boot Camp  2/17/12-  Tough Mudder Training Challenge III  

Warm-up (10-15 minutes) Campers will complete this ENTIRE workout at one time in their best time possible. However- the ¼ mile runs can be designed to be “recovery.”
Description:  ¼ mile run -4 Laps *Can x-bike at RWC
-  50 Walking Lunges with MB/SB on Shoulder (25/side) *Switch Ball/Bag After 25
- ¼ mile run -4 Laps
- 50 Swiss Ball Push-Ups *Feet on Ball
- ¼ mile run -4 Laps
- 50 Rows – TRX, Bent Over Rows, Band Rows, etc
-  ¼ mile run -4 Laps
- 50 Prisoner Squats or Prisoner Squat Jumps
-  ¼ mile run -4 Laps
-  50 Bicycle Crunches (50/side)
- ¼ mile run -4 Laps
- 50 Cross Over Mountain Climbers (50/side) *Bring Knee to Opp. Elbow
-  ¼ mile run -4 Laps
- 50 Battle Rope Double Waves  *Overhand Grip
-  ¼ mile run -4 Laps
Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)
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