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10 Day Detox

Who Else Wants More Energy, Better Sleep, Enhanced Focus, Improved Digestion, Reduced Moodiness and Less Muffin Top in Only 10 Days?

Please, just STOP and READ this.  I know you are busy, but time will most likely not free up.

Are You Tired Of  Struggling With…

•    Your clothes not fitting the way they should
•    Trouble spots that just won’t go away
•    Being self-conscious with how your body looks and feels
•    Your busy schedule keeping you from being fit and feeling good
•    Not fitting into your Skinny jeans
•    Feeling sluggish, irritable and exhausted all the time
•    Embarrassing stomach bulge and a flabby body

I never would have thought a program that lasted only 10 days could have lifetime learning lessons and result in a change in lifestyle habits. I have been in the health & fitness industry for 21 years and I have helped thousands of people look & feel their best. This process used to take at least 21 days. Many of my clients have completed my 21 Day Detox Program with extraordinary results. See the testimonials here: 21 Day Detox.

I decided to try the 10 Day Detox Program offered by Metagenics given many of my clients said they were unable to commit to a 21 Day Program due to travel, work and family obligations. I use to tell them that cheating during the program would not be good and to wait until 21 days opens up. Many times, my clients never found the time for themselves and either did not do the program or quit because of life’s obstacles.

The 10 Day Detox Program is for many the solution to changing lifestyle habits. The time commitment is only 10 days, there are only 2 supplements involved, there is structure so participants know what to eat, there is constant eating so one should never be hungry, there is support to help when needed and the cost of the program is affordable for just about anyone.

I had my first 10 Day Group Detox in May 2011, and I participated with 90 others looking to become more aware of which foods are likely causing stress leading to weight gain, low energy, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, digestive complaints and more.

The program was a challenge for me given it was the first time I attempted a vegetarian lifestyle and a detox of mostly fruits & vegetables. In past detox programs, I continued to consume animal proteins. Although, it was a challenge, I had great results, losing body fat, improving my energy and continuing to become more aware of foods that do not agree with me. I learned that beans & strawberries really shut my digestive system down leading to bloating and gassy symptoms. I also learned that I did not absolutely need animal proteins in most of my daily meals.

I observed amazing results from the participants in the group. Check out their testimonials below. Most experienced a 50% reduction in their toxicity scores and lost at least 5 pounds in 10 days. Of course weight loss is desirable for most of the people I work with, but a 50% reduction in toxicity is a major sign of improved hormonal balance and overall health. When balance is achieved, health is improved, symptoms are reduced and weight loss typically occurs.


Take Our Detox Quiz:

  1. Do you often feel tired or have a lack of energy?
  2. Do you have sore muscles for no apparent reason?
  3. Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  4. Are you easily irritated or feel moody?
  5. Do you have trouble sleeping?
  6. Do you wake up feeling un-refreshed?
  7. Do you feel bloated or gain weight easily?
  8. Do you have digestive or intestinal discomfort?
  9. Do you have occasional, mild headaches?
  10. Do you feel like you’re not as healthy as other people your age?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then a simple program could help you feel better and have more energy in just 10 days!

Not all detox or cleanses are “healthy”

Water or juice fasting programs can cause muscle wasting and further energy depletion. Your body needs proper nutrients to fuel its toxin clearance activities.

A better way to cleanse and re-energize

The Metagenics Metabolic Detox Program was scientifically developed and includes a simple eating plan (with unlimited amounts of suggested foods), targeted nutritional support, group support, daily coaching and motivation from Brien Shamp (Experienced Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach), community support from the FORUM, and lifestyle tips to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process.

Check out the 10 Day Detox Program here: 10 Day Detox Guide

Here are the two Metagenics Products that come with the program:

Metagenics UltraClear Renew Medical Food:

Metagenics AdvaClear:

UltraClear Renew Medical Food, the most fully developed detoxification medical food in the Metagenics product line which addresses all three phases of detoxification, and Heavy Metal detoxification as well as AdvaClear, an important supportive nutrient combination that helps to balance Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification and reduce detoxifying symptoms.

Additionally, you will also receive a shaker cup, detoxification guidebook fully detailing the program, and a convenient tote bag to take it all home and get started with your detox.

After you sign up, you will receive two questionnaires to complete. You will then request a consultation, so Brien can review your goals, health history and toxicity. He will also answer your questions at the meeting, so please review the program guide thoroughly.

Consultations are from 15-30 minutes and can be done in person in Belmont or on the phone. You will pick up the products while at your consultation or they can be sent to you.

Additional support will be given daily through e-mail communication and the Community Forum: Forum. The Forum is filled with recipes and ideas to make the program successful.

The entire 10 Day Detox Program is only $125

Sign-Up Here: 10 Day Detox

If you have any questions, please complete the contact form below:

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Sign-Up Here If You Are Ready To Go: 10 Day Detox



  • “Ten days was no walk in the park, considering I started my 10 day program right when I had to travel to Philadelphia for a week due to work meetings. I packed all of my supplements, provided by Brien for this program and a little shaker so I can make my own shakes from the hotel.
    Well, I stayed the course and only ate vegetables, salads, drank a lot of water, took my supplements and my shake every day! Brien’s emails of encouragement and what I needed to take or do each day helped me to stay the course and to stay positive! He was dead on with his predictions and for the first 3 days, I had my typical cravings. Some old ailments came back that I haven’t had for years and I was thinking that I wasn’t going to make it. Come day 4, things changed for the better! I had a new sense of energy, my sleep patterns were better (remember, I was in a different time zone as well!) and I was losing a bit of weight.
    By the end of this program, I ended up breaking my plateau and weighed in at 178lbs. A weight loss of about 11 lbs in just 10 days but more importantly, I no longer had those symptoms that had been plaguing me for years. I felt more alive, no longer lethargic throughout the day. My sleep patterns had improved and I no longer had that bloated feeling. That week following my detox, I went in to see my Chiropractor and he was in amazement as to how loose I was and my back pain was almost non existent. A huge improvement in comparison to when I had last seen him!”

    Rob Viteri

  • “The detox went great. I feel good and I’m back to eating healthy organic foods.
    No more coffee or soda. I also lost 5 lbs. !”


  • “I would definitely do this detox again. I was in a rut and eating all kinds of processed and fast foods and I felt slow and sluggish. My body responded well to the change in foods, and I noticed a change in energy even without caffeine. I’ve continued to stick to a lot of the approved foods listed in the detox paperwork with animal protein.!”

    Jackie M

  • “The 10 Day Detox Program worked great! It really helped me flip the switch and reset my system. I still have not had any caffeine as I don’t really feel I need it. I also have not reintroduced any wheat products and am staying away from sugar as well. I’m also continuing to eat every couple of hours. Since I am hypoglycemic, it was a great way to remind myself that I need to eat more often. Sometimes I would rush out of the house, thinking I don’t need to eat yet. Now I make a point of eating before I leave or bringing something along with me. During the initial 10 days I lost 4 lbs. Since I’m continuing to be very conscious of what I eat, I am still losing (now 7 lbs. altogether). Although this was not supposed to be the goal, it sort of was for me. Nothing I have done recently has had any effect in the weight loss area. The Detox just helped remind me of what I should and should not be eating!”

    Audrey Q

  • “I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never attempted a detox before. My husband was very interested in trying it and since I was going to be one to prepare all the food I figured I give it a try as well. I have always been interested in nutrition, health and exercise. I decided that I was going to be a living science experiment!
    I found it a very rewarding experience and would highly recommend it. Out of the 10 days of the detox 7 were actually quite “easy” compared to the most strict 3 days in the middle; days 5-7. It’s a very professionally run program with easy access to Brien if you have any questions or concerns and a Forum site to post recipes and exchange experiences with fellow detoxers. One is eased into eliminating different food groups everyday. The protein shake was very tasty! The guidelines are easy to follow and it’s important to plan ahead and purchase items you will need for your meals in advance of starting the detox program.
    Surprisingly, I had plenty of energy and kept up with my regular workout routine. I’ve been finished with the program for the past week but have not returned to many of my former habits. It’s a great way to find out if you may have food allergies or if you do not. I did learn quite a bit about supplements, different types of food and myself!”

    Kathleen A